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On the roller coaster of life.

So the boys (Mike and Kane) are on their way to Magic Mountain in Ventura. This is the first time Kane is going and he has never really been on roller coasters expect for at Disneyland. Especially not ones with drops or loops. I am pretty sure he will be scared a few times and then afterwards it will be okay. Reagan LOVED going to Knotts with Mike on her 6th grade field trip. She loved the rides. I have never been big on roller coasters they make me sick. I've ridden few before kids and just some that were milder. Now since the car accident they really hurt and I pay for it later. So I just do the smaller ones when we go.

Today is also the day I find out my Multipul Subject CSET subset 1 results. When I took this test in April, I took all three subsets which many do not suggest. I am stubborn and when someone tells me I can't do it. I make sure to do it. Well I passed subset 3, received a 198 out of 200 on the first and 196 out of 220 on the second one. So I figured I would retake the higest one. I am so sick to my stomach. I hope I studied enough to pass or the right way. These questions are so random, I couldn't tell you how to even begin to study. I am in complete shockw when Teachers have said they passed it all in one try. However I know many who have take it a few times over and over again. These subsets are what hold me back from becoming intern eligible with my Masters. Once I pass these test, the district has to be willing to file the correct authorization and than the school evaluates it and I become an intern. As an intern I am in a full contained classroom as a contracted teacher.I will have many observations which I am thankful for as I have always found them helpful.

Cross your fingers and toes please! Not only do I want to hurry up and reach my goal I do not want to keep paying $100 every time I test.

Why oh why has it been so long

I once again found my way back to this place. It's like a dark hole or something. My last post was in 2009 and it's 2016 now It's insane how long this blog has been neglected.

So many things have changed in my life. Kids have gotten older, Mike and I have gotten older Degrees have been completed, better jobs have been gotten and kids have grown.

We still live in southern CA, and I honestly think we will always live here. We have attempted to move back to Modesto or out of state, those plans fall through every time. It's not a bad thing though. I have created a great career here in the HD. I work with a school district that I have been involved with from being a parent to staff to now teacher. I worked hard to get to where I am. Mike also has worked hard to get to where he is.

I will be back when it's a better time of day to go into more detail about our life the past few years.

I said I would

We are on Summer break and it's been nice.

The past few years things have taken place for the good and for the bad. I will be going on my third year working for the district the kids go to school in. I started on September 25th 2014 as a proctor. I knew that is not where I wanted to stay so I also applied to be a sub paraprofessional. I used the proctor placement as a foot in the door. I was able to work at the kids school which made things great. Since I had an associates degree, I was able to apply and be hired as a permanent paraprofessional and was transferred to another school however that did not work out the way I thought it would and I asked to be transferred to another school. I loved the school I went to. I am going to miss those kids like crazy in fact I do miss them like crazy. So why did I leave? I was hired as a sub teacher for the district. I start in August when the school year starts. I was actually hired in April but since my school lacked staff and no one wants to go out there(it's a 30 minute drive) I did not want to leave them hanging. I will get what led up to subbing as a teacher in a bit. Mike is working out at Edwards AFB. He left DCMA for a better position. I think he misses working there but at this point he just wants an even better position where he works everyday.

So schooling for Mike and I. I received my a/s in 2008 and I never thought I was going to go back to school. I was wrong, in fact so wrong that in 2015 I enrolled at Azusa Pacific University where I obtained my B/A in Liberal Studies. This program is a teacher prep program and the degree along with the permit allows me to sub teach. Take my wrongness even a step farther and I just applied for grad school. I will be working on my Master's of Education with a multiple subject degree. I would also like to add in a special ed authorization.

Mike not only finished his B/S with Emry-riddle but he just received his MBA with them also. I am so proud to see him achieve what he did. He really was not looking to go this far and he did it! Watching him be hooded was such a proud day for me. We were able to see our friends again that we had not seen in over a year and it was just wow. I can't even explain the feelings.

Reagan!! let me tell you this little girl is not so little anymore. She will be going into 7th grade. Her promotion from 6th brought me to tears. I can not believe she is as big(well old) as she is. I feel like it was just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. She has attitude and the pre-teen outlook which about kills me but I had it also. She is going to a new school in our district and it's suppose to be like the best of the best. She is very artsy and to the extreme that she now creates games on the computer on this website she likes. She also watches youtube to learn how to draw. Sewing has become her passion and each time she makes something I see her skill growing. She says when she grows up she wants to be a vet I am so proud of her goals and desires and I know she will reach them.

Kane will be going into 5th grade than he will head over to the JR High also. Our district took 6th grade and put them at the middle schools. Kane has made great progress and is always improving and striving to get better. He has been diagnosed with early onset bi-polar and generalized mood disorder. The meds he takes work great for him. We did have a lapse in judgement and switched his meds. It made him gain a bit of weight and it worried me. Well it caused a few weeks of hell for him, school and us. Back on to the original meds he went. He is also being evaluated for OT, AT. Which is occupational therapy and assisted technology. His hand writing is horrible and no matter how much he practices it just does not get better. We are trying to catch everything before middle school. He also played soccer this season and loved it that he will be playing fall season.

The prior surgery I had did not work so I went in last year and had lysis of adhesions done and it seems to not be working. I am not as bad but it's building. The next step is to cut me open remove that ovary and get everything out. I just am not ready for that and I do not to take away from my career building. I have gained a lot of weight back but not all of it and have been losing since Easter of this year. I a down 15 almost 16 lbs. It feels great to be getting myself back to where I was. I am not doing any HCG or fad diet. This is hard work and dedication. Mike is also doing his thing and he is starting to drop and man do I see my handsome hubby getting better in the looks department. Kinda worries me a bit LOL.

I know there is so much more to day but it's been so long that I am not sure I can cover it all. I will be back to update soon again.

I am such a bad blogger

Bad I tell you. I get so wrapped up in posting on Facebook or Twitter I forget that I have even created a personal or business blog. Which business speaking could be bad LOL.

Kids are doing great this year in school lots of improvement which is always a wonderful thing. I am doing okay in my class and Mike is doing really well which is always a good thing also.  Kids have the rest of this wee to attend school till they break off for Thanksgiving vacation. I am excited to spend some time with them that is if they try not to hate each other.

They fight over every little thing. “mom he’s looking at me, mom she at next to me” ahh the joys of parenthood. That is what happens when they are so close in age. We got a new puppy his name is Abrams he is 14 week old red nose pitbull. The other dogs are great with him. Drizzt is protective over him and I think Abrams might be a little mistaken on who his daddy is LOL.

We have done a lot of fun family outings  We went to the Pumpkin patch in Bakersfield, last weekend the USS Iowa, Santa Monica and there have been local stuff to. I love being able to do this with them and not be so wore out after walking around. The fact the weight loss is at a standstill is frustrating but at least I am not back at my start. Mike is starting to work out more and has kept his weight off which I am so proud of him because this time last year he would not have cared to change anything.

Holiday are coming up and we are staying home which was not planned this year but due to other reasons we have no choice. I am a little bummed but at the same time excited for us to celebrate in our home. It’s our turn to make traditions and show the kids how it is done. With that being said I am going to go start making my cooking and shopping list for Thanksgiving. Happy Wednesday everyone.

Beach, awards and more

So you may get two new blogs out of me this time around only because so much as happened since the last post and I always try to attach photos.

So lets start with end of the year activities. Both the children received awards at the end of the year of course this meant a very happy mommy!!!. Their report cards were not bad not great but not bad. They were normal children and I love seeing, there is room to improve and I like love that aspect.

Kane’s kinder promotion was so cute and brought me to tears just like when Reagan had hers. I think this one hit me harder since he is my last child to go through it. I keep thinking wow I am going to have a third grader and first grader this year. It seems like they were just my itty bitty babies sleeping in a bassinet next to my bed. It really makes you want to slow time down and enjoy your children. In fact I have tried to do that this summer just so I could enjoy the little things with the.

We have been all over the place this summer. The beach a few times, movies, grandpa and grandams, Mommy and daddy have went to Vegas. Kids have went to the water play area and had sleep overs.

Here are some photos.

Last Days

Update 2 6-11-13

Well this is the last 4 days of school for the year and we have made it.

Reagan will be in the 4th grade and Kane will be in the 2nd. I can not believe the changes I have seen in my children in just the past three months are so/ They have both grown into smart, respectful, fun loving little people.

Some what we think are positives! The school and us are now aware that Kane does have a learning disability. He has a high IQ according to all the testing he has done he just can not express is knowledge by writing it down on paper. You asked him verbally he would be able to answer it with no problem. His math level is almost 5th grade according to his testing so that is a wonderful and he excels greatly with Math..I think someone did get dad genes all along.

Reagan has never had any issues in school minus her maturity. With being the youngest by a year or more she holds her own. Reagan is extremely talented and does well in school. I am so proud of her. As of her last testing she is reading at a 7th grade level and able to complete up to 6th grade math.

Even if they were not doing this good, I would be beyond proud of my children. With all the changes this state makes to the curriculum makes it hard on the students.

I could

say forget it and skip a work out today, I almost did yesterday but at the last minute decided to do 15 minutes of kettlebells. Then again I would only be cheating myself and no one else. I am exhausted this morning and  sore from my work out last night. So instead of running or kickboxing I am just going to pull out one of my 3 or 5 mile walking dvds and do those. I figure at least I am getting something done.

I never thought I would be one of those people that misses working out. After I had my oldest I would go to the gym with some of the other Army wives that lived near me. We all wanted to get back into shape, keep in shape or just have something to do while our husbands where over in the sand box. It was great, I would go for an hour in the morning then an hour at night. We would switch off with our kids(mine was still under 6 months of age) so my father in law would watch her or my best friend would then I would watch her girls so she could go. I loved the elliptical I got really good at using it and was able to lose my baby weight and then some. Then life changed etc.. and I stopped working out. I have been doing some form of physical activity almost everyday since 2011 and I feel lost when I do not do it. 

Do not get me wrong those rest days are wonderful!!!! I feel so recharged the next day and can get to it double time. Anyways point being is that I need to work out :) I will feel icky if I don't. Happy Tuesday


Feels so great when you actually let it. I have fought hard about what I have done with my body. I have argued with myself and others that I can't do this or I can't keep up but you know what I was wrong.

15.8 lbs gone since November. 74.8 lbs gone officially. 9.2 lbs to go till I hit post op weight that will put me at 84 lbs gone since February 2011. My goal weight is 145 and I hope to hit that by fall. If I keep eating the way I do and work out that should be no issue. It has been hard, long, frustrating but it is worth it. I have done this with just change of diet, and activity. I will always have to fight this battle even when I hit goal weight but in the end of it I will have learned a whole different side of who I am.

Along with getting healthy Mike has joined and is making progress and our kids have learned better eating habits and that is what it's all about.

So we are in our second weekend of the new year and I am updating…see I told you I was a bad blogger. Not much has changed or happened in our lives which could be bad to some but is wonderful to me.

The kids are doing great and are happy to be back in school with all their friends, I guess being stuck at home with mom was just uncool. Reagan is trying to bring up some low test scores she had before the winter break and is succeeding at doing so. Her class is making some pretty fun decisions on end of the year field trip that they all have worked so hard to have. So far it looks like whale watching in Newport Beach, CA while on a boat. She came to me and asked if I would go and what mommy would not jump to an experience of a life time with one of their children. She could not even get her question fully asked and I was saying yes..mommy would love to go LOL.

Kane is still struggling with his speech but there has been huge improvement. His teachers, school physiologist, school staff and I have been in close contact with our goals and wants for him. We have figured out what and where his behavior issues have came from and it all links back to his speech so he has been downgraded from the diagnoses of what the behavior therapist gave him. He has a hard time with High frequency words and sounds. His V’s sound like B’s he is getting every other sound down but the V’s. I have to really try hard to pick them out and help them. Other then that he is doing wonderful. He is passing district testing for Math with flying colors. This mommy is very proud of her kiddos.

We are thinking of enrolling them at the gym Mike and I go to for some children’s classes. These classes I think will be great for them. It will burn some energy and teach them some defense stances. They also have friends who attend these grappling classes so it all works out.

Mike is up for a new position with his job. He interviewed a few weeks ago and has heard some promising information. I am so proud of him for always striving to go higher and do better. He is continuing with his work out regime and is doing wonderful. He is almost down to the 170s. A little bit of me is so frustrated because I took such a huge step back. Mike is almost finished with his schooling and the kids are requesting him to walk in graduation which I think is so funny.

I am doing okay. I finished my first semester back to school and still have no clue what my grade is. The teacher has not posted them and said he would mail them out but I have received nothing. I have not registered for my next class which is one I really want but due to time and location I may have to opt out on it. This class will allow me to finish the rest of my classes at csub so I can walk in graduation. I am also moving forward with my photography. Getting my business licenses and booking sessions. I am also looking at getting some of my certifications for it. I am still working out and trying to reach my goal. I am looking at going back in for a revision of my tummy tuck and planning for the future of more procedures.

The weather is freezing cold here down to 4 degrees so we are staying in and staying warm as much as we can. No one needs to be badly sick and it makes for more family time. I was looking at taking the kids up to the snow but it is way to cold right now so hoping for a trip next weekend.

Well going back to watch some shows and hanging out on this cold wintery night.



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